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Follow links below to download individual chapters from Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice, edited by Todd Davies and Seeta Peña Gangadharan (CSLI Publications, November 2009).

Creative Commons License
All content on ODBook.Stanford.Edu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Cover designs: front and back

Contents and Contributors  (pp. v-xiv)

Preface (p. xv)

Introduction: The Blossoming Field of Online Deliberation (Todd Davies, pp. 1-19)

Part I - Prospects for Online Civic Engagement

Part II - Online Dialogue in the Wild

Part III - Online Public Consultation

Part IV - Online Deliberation in Organizations

Part V - Online Facilitation

Part VI - Design of Deliberation Tools

Epilogue: Understanding Diversity in the Field of Online Deliberation (Seeta Peña Gangadharan, pp. 329-358)

Name Index and Subject Indexes  (pp. 359-374)

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